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Transcapital started its operations in 2001 and was founded by nine private individuals. It is the first wholly privately owned Mongolian non-bank financial institution (NBF). Despite its relatively small size with a loan portfolio of around EUR 20mn, Transcapital was also the first MFI to expand its business in and beyond the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. In addition to the capital city headquarters, the distribution network includes 12 urban and five-country branches. Transcapital serves around 4,800 customers with an average volume of USD 1,600. The institution is increasingly active in the retail (31% of the loan portfolio) and micro-mortgage (14%) sectors. Environmentally conscious loans are particularly important – for example, for financing energy efficiency in buildings or micro-leasing products in cooperation with an electric car importer. The careful calculation of the repayment capacities of the end borrowers, which primarily serves to prevent over-indebtedness, is remarkable.

Microfinance Institution

Transcapital NBFI

Outstanding loan amount: 1.762.270 EUR
Number of Loans: 1
Country: Mongolia
Region: Asia
Information dated to: June 30, 2024

Company Information

Post Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Sukhbaatar district, 4-th khoroo, Partizan street, Transcapital Headquarter
Domestic Company Website:

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Portfolio in June, 2024

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