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In March 2018, the GLS Fund invested in Uzbekistan for the first time. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Hamkorbank has built up a branch network that is now nationwide and offers over 50 different financial services. Over 90 percent of the outstanding loans are being used for microfinance, with a focus on agriculture. Hamkorbank advises its customers on financial and budget planning and introduces them to dealing with modern financial products. Since 2012, the bank has integrated questions about the environmental and social compatibility of its investments into its internal risk management as a standard. In addition, Hamkorbank supports the Smart Campaign and aims to have its own customer protection measures certified in the future.

Microfinance Institution


Outstanding loan amount: 7.501.172 EUR
Number of Loans: 2
Country: Uzbekistan
Region: Asia
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

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Post Address: Urgench, Uzbekistan
Domestic Company Website:

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