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Banco D-Miro

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Banco D-Miro is an Ecuadorian institution, which was once founded as an NGO. D-Miro specializes in customers who not only have difficulties in accessing formal financial services, but also have a greater need for support, e.g. due to a physical handicap. With its “Changing Lifes” mission, the bank is also active in financial education. It gives customers a better understanding of financial concepts so they can make more informed decisions about their business. D-Miro was also affected by the macroeconomic impact of the earthquake, but managed to handle this difficult situation well, which we in turn interpret as a sign of good management and corporate governance.

Microfinance Institution

Banco D-Miro

Outstanding loan amount: 535.759 EUR
Number of Loans: 1
Country: Ecuador
Region: LAC
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

Company Information

Post Address: Portete de Tarqui, Guayaquil 090412, Ecuador

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Portfolio in 2022

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