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Kreditimi Rural i Kosoves

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Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës – KRK for short – was founded in 2003. The institute specializes in agricultural loans, but has developed in an impressive way. In the meantime, it increasingly offers products for energy efficiency and residential construction. The average loan size is EUR 2,200. The approximately 11,000 borrowers are served via a network of 22 branches. Most Kosovar microfinance institutions operate as non-governmental organizations. KRK, on the other hand, is the only MFI in the country that is registered as the Kosovar equivalent of a German GmbH. This status enables KRK to accept international financial institutions as shareholders, such as for example in 2017, the European Fund for Southeastern Europe (EFSE) or the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) – underpinning its social mission.

Microfinance Institution

Kreditimi Rural i Kosoves

Outstanding loan amount: 4.000.000 EUR
Number of Loans: 4
Country: Kosovo
Region: Europe
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

Company Information

Phone: +038 243 554
Post Address: Sami Peja, Prishtinë
Domestic Company Website:

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