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EKI Bosnia

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Microcredit Company EKI (MCC EKI) was established in October 2013 through a purchase of Microcredit Enterprise Adria from Mostar, which was done by Microcredit Foundation EKI followed by a change in the name of the Enterprise from MCC Adria to MCC EKI.

The founder of the MCC EKI is Microcredit Foundation EKI.

Over a very short period of time the MCC EKI, a young company in its conception phase that started with loans disbursement in June 2014, achieved very good results in winning the microcredit market, which is confirmed by the portfolio size and a number of clients that is growing daily.

Microfinance Institution

EKI Bosnia

Outstanding loan amount: 5.000.000 EUR
Number of Loans: 1
Country: Bosnia
Region: Europe
Information dated to: December 31, 2021

Company Information

Post Address: Dzemala Bijedica Street 129, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Link to Google Maps: N/A
Domestic Company Website:

*All Information scraped via Google Places from the Companies Google Business Account, trying to be as accurate and transparent as possible.

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