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NOA Sh.a.

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Since its establishment in 1998 until today, NOA has been fulfilling a unique objective: the financial and economic development of our country.

By financing the establishment and expansion of the activity of Albanian businesses and farmers, NOA aims to directly contribute to the improvement of the life quality of thousands of families which benefit from increased income, new job positions, increased economic activity, not only in the cities, but also in rural areas of the country. During these 23 years of activity, NOA has proven that this business model, i.e. financing of entrepreneurs and small farmers, in a fast and non-bureaucratic financing way for this segment of the Albanian economy, brings development and prosperity as well as it improves the living conditions of Albanian families.

Microfinance Institution

NOA Sh.a.

Outstanding loan amount: 4.500.000 EUR
Number of Loans: 4
Country: Albania
Region: Europe
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

Company Information

Post Address: Rr. Tish Daia, Kompleksi Haxhiu (Kika 2), P2, K1, Tirana, Albania
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