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HUMO has been the first borrower from Tajikistan in the portfolio of the GLS AI mircofinance fund. The institution has been active in the market for almost 15 years and previously had a license to create savings deposits. HUMO has in the meantime transformed into a microfinance institute (MFI) with the third largest number of customers in Tajikistan that cooperates with a number of well-known international development banks and microfinance funds. It uses over 70% of its loan portfolio to promote agriculture and the cooperation with veterinarians is unique in a way that it resulted in a product that is very popular with cattle breeders, which HUMO offers in combination with veterinary care.

In 2018, HUMO received an award from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for its achievements in the field of climate protection. It also received the maximum 5-star rating for customer transparency from Mix Market, one of the world’s leading development finance analysts.

Micro Finance Institute


Outstanding Loan Amount: 1.250.195 EUR
Number of Loans: 2
Country: Tajikistan Tajikistan
Region: Asia
Information dated to: December 31, 2021

Company Information

Phone: +992 (44) 640-55-44 or 544
Post Address: The Republic of Tajikistan,
734061, Dushanbe, N. Qaraboev Str., 148/1.
Domestic Company Website:

*All Information scraped via Google Places from the Companies Google Business Account, trying to be as accurate and transparent as possible.

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