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Annapurna Finance Pvt. Ltd (AFPL) was founded in 2009 and is now among the top ten NBFC-MFIs in India. It has its roots as a part of a non-profit entity, People’s Forum, an NGO dedicated to the development and welfare of unserved sections of society. Its microfinance activities began with the inception of Mission Annapurna under People’s Forum in 2005, an initiative aiming to reach the unserved interior areas of Odisha by addressing the economic necessities of poor women through door-to-door visits.

Annapurna Finance’s objectives aim to provide financial and technical support to strengthen entrepreneurial skills for the effective undertaking of business activities. Over the years, the organization has continuously driven innovation in its products and delivery mechanisms to make the entire product life cycle of microcredit as relevant as possible for its clients. The goal is to offer multiple need-based products that specifically cater to all customer life cycle needs of microcredit.

Microfinance Institution


Outstanding loan amount: 4.668.098 EUR
Number of Loans: 3
Country: India
Region: Asia
Information dated to: June 30, 2024

Company Information

Post Address: 1215/1401, Khandagiri Bari, Opposite Jayadev Vatika, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar – 751030
Domestic Company Website:

invested worldwide

Portfolio in June 2024

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