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Bank Arvand


Bank Arvand directs all its effort to achieve understanding, meeting the needs and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with its clients. The organization provides loans with no pledge, allowing low-income families and micro-entrepreneurs to increase their income and improve living standards. Other services offered by Bank Arvand are opening deposit accounts, remittances, online banking, currency exchange and cash management services. Along with financial services, it also provides non-financial services like trainings and consultations.

Microfinance Institution

Bank Arvand

Outstanding loan amount: 2.053.963 EUR
Number of Loans: 1
Country: Tajikistan
Region: Asia
Information dated to: June 30, 2024

Company Information

Post Address: Ave Ismoili Somoni 1a, Khujand, Tajikistan
Domestic Company Website:

invested worldwide

Portfolio in June 2024

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