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EDPYME Alternativa

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Edpyme Alternativa is a regulated microfinance institution that relies on loan refinancing from international lenders as it is not eligible to accept savings from retail clients or other sources. It focusses on small business owners in the north of Peru. Edpyme has set itself the goal of expanding its activities in the rural and poorest areas of northern Peru, because there, access to financing options is limited. The loan portfolio is around EUR 42 million. In December 2020, the GLS AI microfinance fund extended a loan of 7.18 million Peruvian Sols to Edpyme, which corresponds approximately to the equivalent of 1.6 million euros.

Microfinance Institution

EDPYME Alternativa

Outstanding loan amount: 937.647 EUR
Number of Loans: 2
Country: Peru
Region: LAC
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

Company Information

Post Address: Agencia Chiclayo: Calle 7 de enero
Domestic Company Website:

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Portfolio in 2022

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