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Business Invest Development (BID) is a microfinance institution in Mongolia that focuses on rapidly available financial services and financial inclusion. The offer is aimed at individuals, micro and small and medium-sized companies in rural areas. BID currently has a loan portfolio of around EUR 11 million and, the institute serves almost 2,600 customers, operates 8 branches and employs 57 people. The standards of the Smart Campaign are adopted by the MFI. In August 2020, the GLS AI microfinance fund extended a loan of US $ 500,000 to BID.

Microfinance Institution


Outstanding loan amount: 156.274 EUR
Number of Loans: 2
Country: Mongolia
Region: Asia
Information dated to: December 31, 2022

Company Information

Phone: N/A
Post Address: Undsen khuuli street, Ikh uilsiin ereld bld, #103, Seoul St, Ulaanbaatar 14253, Mongolia
Link to Google Maps: N/A
Domestic Company Website:

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Portfolio in 2022

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